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Online Reputation Management

Search engines control your reputation online by displaying whatever it considers relevant and important, that can include negative reviews. With Online Reputation Management (ORM) we take control of your reputation online.

We have extensive experience controlling what shows up on search results and what doesn’t. We have personally dealt with many review sites administrators like Vitals.com, Google.com, Realself.com, and others to dispute posts or reviews that should not have been posted.

In extreme cases, we also have had the need to use attorneys to take a website company and a reviewer to court and legally dispute a negative review. This is always the last option but needed in certain cases.

We turn negative search results into positive search results!


Our Solution for Online Reputation Management

Every Online Reputation Management project is unique and requires it’s own strategy. Nevertheless, here are some common strategies, tools, and tips we may implement in your case.

To get a complete understanding of your reputation issue we will research the internet and analyze its content and develop a sentiment score. A sentiment score allows us to measure the overall positive score of your brand online over time.
The research and sentiment analysis would allow us to develop a unique strategy to fix your online reputation issues.
Many times in our research and analysis we encounter the reputation issue is due to internal company problems. We will meet with the highest executives and recommend changes to take effect. Many times reputation management starts internally.
We use automatic tools and manual processes to keep track monitor new reviews, posts, pages, and mentions anywhere on the internet.
Every business should have a strategy to increase their positive reviews even if they don’t have a reputation issue. In this case, we will put the acquisition of positive reviews into overdrive.
You may be asking what about those darn negative reviews? Well, we have several techniques we can use to “make them disappear”.
Has a negative review tainted your good reputation? Don’t let one bad review ruin your business. Our proven techniques will help flourish your positive reviews.
Yes, we need to confront those negative reviews since it has been made public. We will show you what needs to be done. Some can be done by us and others has to be done by you.
Yes, we can remove negative reviews. Not all the time though. It depends on the content and where it was placed.
The power of social media is you can reach your customers, potential customers in masses. It is a powerful tool for reputation management. But it has to be done right.
Sometimes we have to get nasty because the reviewer or poster got nasty. We have been down this road before and know what it takes and what documentation is needed to make it work in court. We are not lawyers, and cannot advise legally, but can help you prepare for a legal battle. ( It is not fun, very stressful and therefore is always the last option)
Sometimes the negative issue becomes a public relations issue and reaches the media and press. We can train you on how to handle news reporters and on camera situations.

Let us fix your online reputation issues

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