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92% of consumers read online reviews when researching businesses. Reviews are vital social signals of quality and popularity for your customers. If your business doesn’t have positive online reviews, chances are that you are missing out on more business.

Why Implement a Review System for your Business?


More clients, more revenue

Drive in customers with a solid and bright online presence! In this digital age, before walking through the door, most customers will check your business out online. A MOZ survey reveals that 67.7% of customers use online reviews to decide where and what to purchase. A business with positive online reviews by actual customers will pick up new online customers, leading to new business expansion and growth. A study by the Harvard Business School found that a one-star increase leads to 5-9 percent increase in revenue. Your regular customers are the key to bringing in new customers through positive online reviews.



Let your hard work and business values shine in your customers’ reviews! Happy customers bring new customers. The 2015 Bright Local study reveals that 7 out of 10 customers agree that positive reviews inspire trust. For online prospects, the study shows that the star rating is the most important factor; the quantity of reviews is also critical to success. In fact, 57% of online customers visit a business with positive reviews.


Reputation management

Unfortunately, a negative review can easily surface to the top of search engine results. Search engines are designed to bump up the information seen as most relevant, in some cases, a negative comment can pick up a lot of online traffic. Don’t let a bad review ruin your online presence! Save the business you work hard to build and maintain with active review management. Negative reviews are opportunities when a business engages actively with customers. MOZ survey indicates that businesses risk losing 22% of customers with just 1 negative review, a metric that jumps to 70% for 3-4 negative comments.


Rank on Google

Google continues to be the most widely used search engine by customers. Google now displays a business star rating when a customer searches a local business or a business category. A 2015 MOZ survey proves that the review site most visited is Google + Local reviews. The more reviews, the higher the rankings.


Real People, Real Reviews

Paid reviews do not reflect the real thoughts of customers. False reviews hurt the business. Business that engage in false reviews clearly violate the Federal Trade Commission’s truth-in-advertising rule that states that all information should be true and substantiated, as well as non-deceptive. Yelp publicly flags business with false reviews for 3 months.

ReviewGro, The Most Effective Way
to Increase Your Reviews

ReviewGro is a highly successful review system and active reputation management that is tailor made for your business needs and customer interests. Let our expert team create a personalized review system for your business that transmits your values in a bespoke design. ReviewGro has a proven high conversation rate for business reviews.

How does ReviewGro Work?

ReviewGro is an easy and quick way to gather reviews for your business!

1. Filter happy customers.

Happy customers are filtered and found by your staff. One of your staff members will ask, “How was your visit?” If the customer had a positive experience, the staff member will ask, “Do you mind adding a review for us?”

2. Add customer name & email

A tailor made web form is quickly filled with the customer information by staff.

3. That’s it

ReviewGro will do the rest! Your customer will enter our smart email automation system, which will remind them to add a review.

Miami Web Design

What You Can Expect

  • A custom made review system for your business & a personalized web form for your staff.
  • One email design created only for your business.
  • Three branded messages focused on customer conversion.
  • Active management with scheduled reports on review growth.
  • Conversion monitoring for areas of improvement.

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