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Small business Starter Templates

At Miami Web Company, we understand that running a successful small business is a big task. Local business owners face limited resources and may not have the budget for a full custom-made website that can cost several thousand dollars. For these business owners that need to be online now and want to get the most within their budget, we offer our Small Business Starter Template. As a local business, we take pride in helping our local business owners grow and expand in the community.

What businesses is this for?

We proudly offer our local business owners our sleek and modern starter templates. This is the solution for small businesses eager to begin online marketing with a small budget. Our team at Miami Web Company is ready to create, “The best of your business online”. This solution meets the needs of restaurants, bloggers, electricians, clinics, plumbers, realtors, doctors, and painters, among many more.

Optimized for Search

Search engines have become the largest marketing channel in the task of driving customers to your business. All local businesses need to make a splash in the online community to get those customers on your phone and in through your door. Unfortunately, most Do-It-Yourself website templates and services are not properly optimized for search engines, making the search engines blind to the website and losing potential customers. Our Small Business Starter Templates are search engine optimized to start ranking on Google and bring in those new customers.


How Our Small Business Starter Template Works


Choose from one of our beautiful starter Designs


Give us all your content,
images, and videos


Sit back, and let us do all the
work for you…


Go live in 3 days and start getting new customers!

Why Use Our Small Business Starter Templates?


Cost Effective

A cost effective solution for the business owners.


We’re Professionals

Our team of professionals handles your website, so you don’t have to.


Responsive Design

We make your website mobile, tablet and desktop ready.


Full Feature

Feature videos, slide shows, photo galleries, sign up forms, and more.


Optimized for Google

Take advantage Google searches to drive traffic to your business.


Live in 3 Days

The website will be up and running in 1-3 days.


Lightning Fast

The website will be optimized for speed.


Track Your Growth

Google Analytics: Allows you to track who visits your website.

How do we compare?

Starter Template DIY Website
Hidden and dishonest fees tacked into the process Our pricing is up front and a one-time price is offered. Fees are added and attached to features.
Cost Pricing is clear and transparent. No monthly fees, once website is paid. Never ending continuous monthly fees (after many years, it will add up to various thousand dollars)
Time Needed None! There is no hassle to create your website, we do it for you! Very time consuming. In some cases, it has taken owners weeks and months to launch a website.
Ease of use Our team handles it all for you! Not user friendly and hard to work with for non tech savvy business owners.
Bugs & Issues No bugs or issues present due to the quality of the code. Multiple bugs and issues are common, since much of the code is unusable.
Appearance Professional, modern and trendy appearance templates offered. Appearance is basic and themes are updated.
Updates We are constantly working to be up-to date with design principles, search engine priorities and online demands. No updates available.
Additional charges No charge for professional email addresses, phone support, images, forms, maps, video, and search engine optimized code. Basic packages charge for email addresses, phone support, images, forms, maps, video, and search engine optimization features.
Charges for search engine submission No, search engine submission is no longer a real service. Search engine optimization is more than submitting information to a search engine. Yes, charges apply for search engine submission. Any search engine optimization requires an upgrade or an extra fee.
Domain Name Ownership You own your domain name. We will never hold your domain hostage. The domain name is registered under your name and belongs to you. The domain name does not belong to you. An additional fee is added if you wish to own your domain name. In some cases, the service will keep your domain name, if you ever choose to leave.
Support for growth Your business can grow within this option by adding more pages. Even the most advanced platforms may not be powerful enough.
Customer Online Experience Positive and impressive online customer experience, website is optimized for speed. Negative online customer experience, since website runs slow due to excessive code.
Detection of website errors Upgrade available for minute-by-minute website performance monitoring. Website errors detected are not informed and business will lose customers.
Support Our dedicated team is always available. Personal and 24/7 support is not available. Many times it is outsourced.

Who we are


As a boutique web design company, we strive to work for you and your business. It’s a professional and personally invested web design team that creates the mold for your business needs. We are committed to your business. All our services are done in house by our long standing and reputable team of professional web designers, marketing experts and programmers.

Unfortunately, some local business owners have worked with freelancers or companies who out-source the services. In most cases, the website has been stalled, ended or things have gone awry. Don’t risk your online clientele. Take control of this market today with Miami Web Company.

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