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About Erik Gonzalez

Born and raised in Miami, Fl Erik has always been an artist.Erik was set on path to become an architect at the top high school in the nation, Design & Architecture Senior High. One internship changed it all. He graduated with top honors and the best portfolio from the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale with a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation. He began to create animations for prestigious organizations, such as Disney, Florida’s Turnpike and Miami Dade Transit. As a thinker with a creative mind, he was intrigued by how websites were built, but he needed them to rank first on Google.

He was up to the challenge to design and usefully rank a website. In 2003, he began to build websites and dug into the hidden gem of SEO. Erik quickly became engrossed in web development and SEO and he began to achieve superb results. With this success, Erik pursued web design and SEO more fully and proudly opened the doors of Studio Vision in 2007. Today, Miami Web Company embodies the values that Erik built on: design, drive, functionality and excellence.

 What I Do

Erik leads his team in all SEO phases of any project. As an artist he also enjoys giving his input on the art direction on website design.

 Fun Facts

Erik enjoys all Miami has to offer as a multicultural city from boating to fishing the crystal clear waters. On land, he loves to cook, dance salsa and shots of his favorite Cuban coffee every day, twice a day. Erik enjoys life next to his wife and daughter who is also artistically inclined.

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