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The power to connect with your clients. Search engine optimization connects clients to your business by placing your business where clients are searching and looking for services. It is much more than cramming keywords into your website, and buying back links. Our white hat SEO techniques improve your page rank and increase ROI. We proudly adhere to search engine quality guidelines and Google’s SEO recommendations as a top SEO agency in Miami.

Our organic SEO practices allow our clients to benefit from long term positive results. Our search engine optimization practices include content, social media, and organic promotion to create an inclusive marketing service for your business.

We work closely with you to focus on your business goals with a custom strategy for every client big and small. All search engine optimization strategies are tailored to your business to fit your goals. We are honest, dependable and located in the heart of Miami.

Sales From SEO

With our custom SEO reports and analytics, you can track the performance of your SEO campaign. It also allows us to see what’s working and what isn’t working to fix it.

2011 ROI: 127%

2012 ROI: 315%

2013 ROI: 396%

2014 ROI: 455%

Agile SEO With Our Realtime Dashboard


Our realtime dashboard allows us to monitor the performance of your website and visitors. We can react to any sudden changes to your website and rankings, saving you time and money.

Our Organic SEO Process

When it comes to Organic SEO and National SEO, things have changed. We can no longer just check off items on a to do list. This would lead to failure or a subpar performance. Every project will have unique challenges and requires a tailored strategy. Yet it is still very organized. Here are the typical phases your search engine optimization project will go through.


1 Client Understanding

It starts by getting to know you, our client. For us this is a crucial first step. Fully understanding your company’s services &/or products, goals, audience and obstacles allows us to align ourselves and reach the correct target audience efficiently.

2 Market Research

Before we design anything, before we think of keywords, we research your customers…..your audience. We need to understand who they are in order to create a good strategy. We create a typical persona and segment profiles where we learn about their gender, age, concerns, what they like or dislike, and what makes them buy.

We accomplish this by conducting an onsite interview with your team, talk to some new and past customers, and online data research.


3 Competitive Analysis

In order to create a strategic plan and achieve great rankings we need to analyze your competitors in detail and determine WHY they are outperforming you. We gather data and analyze many on page and off page factors. All this data is then graphed and compared against your site which will reveal a strategic path for us.

4 On Page SEO

On Page SEO is about optimizing everything on your website only. The internal SEO is divided into two parts, technical and content.

The foundation of SEO has always been having a well optimized website for search. The list of items needing optimization has grown dramatically over the years and is too long to list on here. We perform a site audit of all the elements on your website that effects your rankings. From your hosting to the website coding, everything is audited. Once the audit is completed it is given to your internal web team to implement or performed by us.

The content on your website has never been so important. It has now become one of the fundamental pillars of SEO. After Google implemented Panda into its algorithm targeting websites with low quality content, your content needs to be the best online. Our competitive analysis and market research will allow us to determine the quality of your content and create goals, ideas, and strategies to improve it.


5 Off Page SEO

Off page SEO are all the external factors that make your website rank. There are many factors to consider but the most influential are:

External Links
External links are still considered one of the biggest movers in rankings. It has been fundamental since Google developed their ranking algorithm. At Miami Web Company we have obtained links on high ranking websites using outreach, content strategy, link analysis, and PR.

Social Sharing
It is not having a social media presence what’s important, it’s about social sharing. When it comes to improving rankings and visibility via social media, sharing is what gets it going. Getting, +1’s, facebook likes, tweets and retweets and pins is what fuels exposure, creates brand awareness, drives traffic and links. We will create a social sharing plan, find the movers and shakers in your niche, and outreach to them.

6 Measure

With all the effort being performed in search engine optimization, we need to measure its impact with analytics. Key Performance Indicators are determined to measure the projects success. We analyze what visitors are doing and not doing on your website. We track rankings, visibility, lead generation and phone calls. You will know how many new leads or sales we brought to your business.


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