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“We are a close family of talented and driven people that strive to deliver quality and honesty.”

-Erik Gonzalez, Founder

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to help businesses succeed by improving their online presence, driving targeted traffic to their websites, and converting traffic into customers. By working closely with our clients, treating their business as ours, we develop effective strategies that can transform their business and put them ahead of their online competition.

The Foundation

The foundation to everything we do is Search Engine Optimization. We design and develop with SEO as our guide. All work is done in-house and we don’t cut corners. We optimize by doing it right, not the short road to failure. By maintaining an educated, highly trained, and always up to date staff we make sure success is met.

Socially Responsible

The deep respect we have for our community and the desire to give back governs our socially responsible programs. By pledging to minimize corporate and personal debt it allows us to survive an unstable economy and provide stable but progressive growth.

Director of Internet Marketing

Erik leads our team in every SEO phase. Trained in art and design, he enjoys collaborating on the art direction of  website design.

SEO Specialist

Jackie heads our local SEO marketing, social media initiatives, call monitoring and sales oriented tactics. She is an SEO Master Certified Consultant by Market Motive.

Editor & Content Developer

Nubia is our content writer and editor. With years of experience and training in customer service and call center procedures, she also works on call monitoring and internet marketing.

Lead Web Developer & Designer

Miguel is our lead web designer and developer. His knack for web development keeps him pushing the boundaries of the web.

Web Developer & SEO Tech

Moses works on our sites with custom CMS and helps implement SEO practices into the sites.

Public Relations

Patricia is a 4 time Emmy Award winner. With media experience from TV to newspapers, she gets the word out there!

We're Here to Guide You

We understand the world of online marketing is an evolving and confusing place. But don't sweat it, this is what we do! Let's team up.

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