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About Miguel Arias

Born in Cuba, raised in Miami, Miguel absorbs the vibrant and exciting culture of our sunny city. As an artist, he began web development lured by love. His passion for web design began when he was introduced and mentored by Erik. He quickly became enraptured into the world of internet and web design. This involvement rapidly enveloped him as the prospect of marrying his sweetheart approached. Thanks to his skill and drive for web development, he joined the team at Miami Web Company. Soon after, he married his dream girl. Now, he programs and designs with ease. He is able to take on huge tasks to minimize them into smaller duties.

Website design and development is second nature, constantly taking on extensive tasks and simplifying them.

 What I Do

Miguel is Miami Web Company’s Lead Web Designer and Developer. He develops in house frameworks and creates custom and responsive CMS.

 Fun Facts

When he’s not coding, developing or designing, Miguel likes to enjoy our city’s sunshine. He loves soccer and basketball. He loves to impersonate and tweak his karaoke skills.

 Buy Me a Drink?

Sprite because I’m 20 🙂

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