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About Moises Alejandro

Raised in the Magic City, Florida. Moises has always tried to keep up with emerging technology and what drives them. Moises was interested in 2D and 3D modeling and studied that in school. Several people had asked him if he knew how to make websites for their business. He decided to begin learning how to make websites and so began the journey.

After learning how websites are built with the help of his friend Miguel he then realized the next step was learning how to rank them. SEO is a competitive field that attracted him and guided by SEO specialist, Erik, he began to explore the world of optimization and ranking. Moises is intrigued by the natural world around him.

 What I Do

Develop the sites with custom CMS and implemented SEO practices into the sites. Writes and organizes the content to be more accurate and helpful for everyone.

 Fun Facts

Moises loves the beach, playing baseball and going to see the Miami Marlins play. He is more active at night and knows the first 16 digits of pi.

 Buy Me a Drink?

I’ll take a Baby Guiness and Sex on the Beach.

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