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Sales Call Monitoring & Tracking

By placing a unique virtual phone number on your website we can track and measure phone call leads generated from our marketing efforts. We can track if a phone call was generated from an organic Google search or a click from a paid ad. We can even determine what keyword the caller used.

This same process can be used to track the performance of other marketing channels such as print, email, billboards, tv, and radio. This service will shed light on what marketing is working for you and where to invest and cut cost. We offer two different services, Phone Call Tracking Basic and Phone Call Tracking Plus.

Tracking Tracking plus Recording
phone calls from website visitors
busiest day of the week
phone call distribution
busiest hour of the day
best performing time
worse performing time
staff performance
staff sales conversion
staff sales training
discover phone issues
busy signals

Phone Call Tracking Basic

All of our SEO clients receive the basic package in our service.

Call Volume Report

Every month we will report how many total and unique calls were generated from your website. This is a report from one of our long term clients where we have increased their call volume every month year over year.


Calls by Status

Know how the status of all your leads once it reaches your business. Did the call get answered or it went to voicemail?


Top Campaigns

This chart allows you to see which marketing channel is performing better. Is it our SEO service or a billboard advertising? The answer is clear.

Call Status per Day

Knowing the busiest day of the week, the best or worst performing day will allow you to restructure staff and optimize sales.

Call Status per Hour

Many times the phones are not attended well certain hours of the day without knowing. This chart will point that out.

Phone Call Tracking Plus

Includes everything in the basic service. The purpose is to discover what is working and what is not. We then optimize the sales and customer service skills of your phone staff.

1 Recording & Listening

All phone calls will be recorded and listened to by one of our experienced customer service and sales staff. We will listen to how the staff performs in customer service and sales skills noting their good and bad habits, attained sells, missed sales, and others.


2 Training

Once we have a baseline of how your staff performs on the phone we provide in-house sales training at the team and personal level.

3 Discover

We are always amazed on the issues we always discover when we analyze phone calls. Many times we encounter busy signal issues, voicemail issues, call routing failures, and more.


4 Conversion

Every month we will measure the conversion rate of your staff and strive to improve it and reach the set goal. What is the perfect conversion rate? It really depends on the product or service you sell. For some businesses it can be 30%, 60%, even 80%. Whatever the rate is, the goal will be to increase it.


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