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Idilio Gonzalez

Miami IT Company Achieves 3xROI With
Local Search Engine Optimization

Client Overview

Complete Network Care approached us with the need of increasing their business via local search engine optimization. They are a small local business in Miami offering computer IT
support from small to large companies.


Return on Investment


Consistent top 5 rankings

The Challenge

You know what’s the challenge for every small business? You guessed it, budget! Our client had a small budget to achieve their goal of increasing sales via their website.

How We Got a Winning Strategy

Our solution was to KISS! Yes, Keep It Simple Stupid when it came to local search engine optimization. The local ranking landscape for this industry was heavily saturated with large computer support companies dominating page 1 of Google. They were also targeting the most searched
keyword in the industry “computer repair miami”.

Our client really wanted to rank for “computer repair miami ” due to its large monthly search volume but we persuaded them not to. Here is why:

The target audience was not ideal. The audience searching for this keyword is very broad. It could be someone who has an issue with their home computer or a small business who needs support.

Achieving rankings was going to take longer for such a competitive keyword which did not fit the budget.

Average ticket for this audience was less than $100.

“After careful keyword research and competitive analysis we decided to rank our client for “network support miami”. Our reasons why:

The target audience was ideal. A mix of small to large companies who have networks or servers without an IT team.

The competition was low and benefit was high. Ranking was going to be easier and faster.

The minimum ticket for this audience was around $500.

Anyone who looks at these numbers would also want to rank for the one with the most volume. Yet the target audience on the latter is better which means higher conversion. Also, competition is less & easier to rank for budget minded clients.

The Rankings We Achieved

After 4 months we were able to achieve page 1 rankings on Google. Many competitors were participating on spammy or black hat tactics to achieve rankings. The optimization we performed was safe, white hat, which adhered to Google guidelines. What are the results? Long lasting rankings.

Google rankings for “network support miami”

After we achieved page 1 rankings we did not maintain their search engine optimization. They also did not get involved with any other seo company. Our methods have been long term results.

The Incredible ROI We Achieved

Dollar for Dollar, search engine optimization is the best marketing
channel for high ROI.

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