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Client Overview

Suncoast Construction Group is a general contracting company in Florida
who builds residential and commercial office spaces.

The Challenge

“I need a website yesterday!” That was basically what our client told us on our first meeting! (Haven’t we heard this before I told myself). Suncoast needed a website as soon possible to start gathering leads from tenants.

They wanted to have control of the website in regards to editing content. They also wanted the site to be mobile friendly and had the foundation for future improvements.

Our Strategy

In order to meet our 2 week deadline we set dates of completion for each milestone. From design, to revision, coding, and testing everything was marked on a calendar. In order for our client to have control of the website we used a Content Management System called WordPress. Client will be able to login via a control panel and make changes to the website.

The Design Phase

Let The Coding Begin

We then create our own custom theme/design that integrated into the WordPress framework. This is the only way we develop with WordPress. We did not use a template since they are unreliable and full of issues. We made sure to include persistent conversion items like email form and phone number throughout the site.

Once design was approved we coded the site to be mobile friendly. We then tested it on all major devices like, iphone, ipad, desktop pc’s and Macs. This assures a consistent rendering of the site throughout multiple devices.

The Results

Met 2 week deadline

Mobile friendly

Gave client control

Our client was excited that we were able to design and develop a website within 2 weeks. Within the first 30 days our client received more than 40 new leads for tenant rentals. That is more than half of the units they have for rent!

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