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Web Hosting

When you make a website you need to upload it to the internet via a Web Hosting Server. This is the hard drive space in which you park your website. When a client looks up your website, the internet then transfers the website files from the web hosting server to the client’s computer or mobile device. The servers, which are hosting the website, are responsible for the speed, bandwidth, up-time, and security.

At Miami Web Company we take web hosting very serious since it affects your website’s performance, SEO, and conversions. We don’t ever want you to lose customers because of hosting troubles. That is why we have our own web hosting servers with a team of dedicated support.

Faster Website Hosting

The load time of a website is the difference between a successful website and a failure. Every second matters when it comes to website traffic and bounce rate. At Miami Web Company our servers are proven to have faster load time than major hosting providers like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Host Gator, and others, giving your website an edge.

A mere one 1 second delay in load time can cause a 7% drop in conversion. The servers that we offer to host your site are up to 6x faster than leading companies. Even with CMS software like WordPress that will take more space, our hosting servers will rapidly load them with no delay.

Really Reliable Web Hosting

With 99% up-time guaranteed, your website will be on-line so your clients can find you. Continuous nightly back-ups guarantee that your website is up to date and on-line.

Web hosting uptime is a critical factor in SEO. If your site is deemed unreliable by Google, then you will lose positions in the search engine results page and if it is down for too long then Google will remove you from their index. You don’t have to worry about that because we can assure you that your site will be up at all times.


Web Hosting with Real Time Monitoring


With up-to the minute real-time information we know if there is a drop in speed or down-time for your site. We instantly receive a text-message and email if any of these happen. You will also be up to date with the availability of your site on the internet.

Our tools allow you to see real data from real visitors and how they interact with your website. This will give you valuable information about how users react to your website’s load speed, and whether they stay or not.

Simple Web Hosting Plans

Plan 1 Plan 2
Disk Space 10 GB 20 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Address Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated IP 0 1

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