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Busted Myth: Social Media Will Get Me Lots of New Customers

| by sand_bar

Most business owners and marketers understand how important it is for a business to have a social media strategy. However, many are going about it the wrong way. In order to help you do social media better we want to clear up a common misconception for you.

Myth: I’m going to get lots of new customers through Social Media!

When was the last time you went to Facebook, looked up a company you never heard of, and ‘Liked’ them without knowing anything about them? Never! You normally ‘Like’ a business Facebook page after a purchase or engagement. And research confirms that 84% of Facebook fans are current or former customers, which means that those who follow you in social networks have most likely already transacted with you.


This survey produced by Social Media Examiner’s 2013 Industry Report, proves our point that out of 3,000 marketers surveyed only 43% said their efforts on social media boosted sales. Increasing sales is the last benefit reported on this chart, yet is the #1 reason why people use social media. Social media is a tool and most are using it the wrong way. The great news though is the study also indicates that for those willing to take the time, sales will follow.

Case example: BCBGMAXAZRIA

About two years ago, after purchasing a few articles of clothing at BCBGMAXAZRIA, I started following them on Facebook (my preferred social network). Last week I walked into their store and purchased a few hundred dollars worth of merchandise. Let this sink in for a second: Two years after my initial in-store purchase… and of having ‘Liked’ their Facebook page…, I once again purchased at their store! And it wasn’t like I just accidentally came across their store while walking the mall. No. I purposely went to that mall and went straight to their store with the full intention of purchasing clothing there. Why?


For one, they always promote their latest merchandise and sales on Facebook. But they do more than that. Every month they post an album called ‘We Love Our Fans’ with pictures that fans have submitted wearing BCBGMAXAZRIA merchandise. And they encourage their followers to email their pictures in for a chance to be featured the following month.

This is genius! They are focusing on connecting with their current customers, engaging them, and giving recognition to their fans. They’re not just posting pictures of perfect looking models who no one can relate to. They are posting pictures of real women, at real events, wearing their outfits! I can’t think of a better way to connect with the women that follow them and create loyal fans!


The Truth About Social Media

What we learn from this example is that social media is not primarily about getting new customers, rather it’s about connecting with your current customers, encouraging them to return, and ideally making loyal fans out of them. Knowing that a ‘Like’ normally follows a purchase instead of leading to a purchase will no doubt change your approach. Go ahead, read that last sentence again.

The Aha! Moment

Now here’s the twist: What does a ‘loyal fan’ do?

  • Talks about your products or services to their circle of friends
  • ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ your website with others
  • ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’, and ‘Shares’ your social media pages and posts
  • Posts pictures of themselves on their social media networks with your products
  • Blogs about their favorite products or services with links to your websites….

Your turn:

What do you think? Do you agree that a ‘Like’ normally follows a purchase rather than lead to one? Please share your comments in the box below.

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