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#1 Reason Why We Rebranded Our Company

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The idea of Total Graphics of Miami emerged from having many clients with different needs, from graphic design, printing, 3d renderings, to web design. The name “Total Graphics” really suited the business. As time went by and technology advanced the needs of our clients began to lean heavier towards internet marketing, web development, and SEO. Pretty soon this is what we did 95% of the time. The bulk of our work had shifted so web marketing became our focus.

No longer Total Graphics of Miami

In our clients eyes we were their web developers, the SEO guys, the internet marketing team, yet our business name, our brand, was Total Graphics of Miami?! What the heck? It really made no sense. There was a huge disconnect between our services and brand name. It was actually really embarrassing to continue doing business, giving business cards out, invoicing, registering and attending SEO seminars with this name. It was even brought to our attention by one of our clients. Now that’s really embarrassing!!

Why we chose Miami Web Company

  • Self Explanatory. One can create the most clever name for a company, like “DigiTek” (not really that clever), yet it doesn’t describe what the company does. If someone would read it solely on a shirt, business card, magazine ad, or any other type of marketing they would not get a sense of what we do until we tell them or they read the supporting content. We would have to spend more marketing dollars to associate online marketing, SEO, and web design with DigiTek. We wanted people to read our brand name and automatically understand what our company does. We are a “company” in “Miami” and we do “web” stuff!
  • GEO Targeted: We wanted our company and domain name to say where we are located and where we do business primarily. We wanted it to represent the city we work in. Miami is a very diverse Latin city with influences from the Caribbean and Latin America. We are a different bunch down here and it takes some shoulder rubbing to understand them. There is enough work here for a thriving agency.
  • Keyword rich: Having a company and domain name that was keyword rich would contribute positively to our rankings.
  • Not just SEO: We did not want SEO in our company name. Search engine optimization has evolved so much in the past year and SEO’s do more than just build links and rank on page one. In order to be successful, we do multi channel marketing, market research, web analytics, conversion rate optimization, web development, e-mail marketing, social media strategies, and more.

Our Mission and Vision at Miami Web Company

Our mission is to help businesses succeed by improving their online presence, driving targeted traffic to their websites, and converting traffic into customers. By working closely with our clients, treating their business as ours, we develop effective strategies that can transform their business and put them ahead of their online competition.

The foundation to everything we do is Search Engine Optimization. We design and develop with SEO as our guide. All work is done in-house and we don’t cut corners. We optimize by doing it right and not taking the short road to failure. By maintaining an educated, highly trained, and always up to date team we make sure success is met.

With dedication and passion we will become the leading web marketing agency in South Florida catering to local and international businesses.


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